project block scheme

Project Outline

Extension & Renovation.


Time Scale

8.5 weeks.

money bag



What our clients think about our project management?

With our first baby due in 9 weeks we moved into our new house in Clifton, which needed very major structural work. Additionally, the entire house needed re-wiring, new plumbing, a new kitchen, complete redecoration, new flooring ... the list goes on. We found Don and Peter on the internet knowing we might need a little more than just a builder. How right we were!

Don gave us a budget, with which we were just about comfortable, and his challenge with Peter was to deliver a finished job before my wife 'delivered'. It was 'nip and tuck'- our new little girl was a few days early, but then so was Don, thank goodness.

It was an adventure to say the least, but we are delighted with the result and would have no hesitation recommending him and Peter. In point of fact, we recently had someone over who used to be a specialist RSJ installer who thought it was one of the biggest jobs he'd seen and couldn't believe that all the work had been completed in 8 weeks, adding "peronally - I wouldn't have wanted to manage that gig!

The most important thing for us was that the project did not over run, and despite unforeseen circumstances (such as 1850's plumbing!), it ran according to schedule. The time scale for this project was really challenging, and it is also to Don and Peter's credit - that they achieved so much of the planning and costing with such limited access to the site. Their first visit was the day we moved in!