project block scheme

Project Outline

Extension to rear and front of a three-story residential property, involving the exposure of the entire front facade.


Time Scale

29 weeks.

money bag


140k - on budget.

What our clients think about our project management?

"Our 3-storey 1960s house in Clifton did not
make good use of the space and was much in need of an update. We wanted to extend the rear and front of the house as much as possible. We got planning consent at the same time as our neighbours but had difficulty finding a good solution for the build. We were moving the rear wall out about 1.5 metres into our garden and the front wall about 1 metre forwards onto our forecourt, creating an extra room downstairs and outdoor balconies with modern glass balustrades front and rear. Don Foley and his associate, Peter Allan, stepped in and took us through all the difficult steps from Party Wall Agreement, through the build itself, to getting building approval at the end. They were efficient and endlessly patient as they organised and also helped us with design details. The contractors they engaged were competent and pleasant to work with and we are delighted with the quality of the end result. Don gave us a realistic budget and timescale at the start and he managed the
whole job within the budget and under the time despite our (minor) changes of scope."